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GenemedRx Drug Interaction Checker Tool for ED drugs and more

GeneMedRx is the only tool that:
-Calculates cumulative interaction risk
-Incorporates DNA test results
-Presents safer alternatives
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Drug Reaction Testing

Adverse Drug Reactions are the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S. and the leader for malpractice payouts. GeneMedRx Personalized Prescription Management Software can help reduce the risk.

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Cialis - An ED drug with low risks of drug interactions

Generic Cialis PillIn the case of erectile dysfunction medications, Cialis is one of the drugs that possess less risk of drug interactions. A health care professional has less worry if he or she is going to prescribe Cialis to the patients. No matter what medical ailment they suffer from and what medications they are taking, still there is high chance for a doctor to instruct them to take Cialis. Even in some severe cases, a medico would alter the dosage strength of Cialis or adjust the time of intake depending upon other drugs that you take but not back off completely from prescribing this erectile dysfunction medication.

Drug interaction principles for medical practiceInterested in learning more about drug metabolism and preventing drug interactions?

Genelex's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jessica Oesterheld has posted extensive educational resources on drug metabolism. Dr. Oesterheld it the primary author of GeneMedRx, coauthored Manual of Drug Interaction Principles for Medical Practice: The P450 System, and is a recognized expert on drug interactions.

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Pharmacogenetics in the practice of medicine

Curious about pharmacogenetics and how genotypes integrate with GeneMedRx? Complete the request form for more information. Or watch our web seminar: Clinical Pharmacogenetics in the Practice of Medicine.

GeneMedRx has not been reviewed or approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration and cannot be used to diagnose or treat any disease or other health condition.

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Pharmacogenetic testing helps guide safer prescribing.
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What our clients say...

"Using the P450 Interactions program, I was immediately able to resolve several complicated medication problems in three of my patients. The program is a perfect complement to the cytochrome P450 DNA testing I've been using for the last two years."
- Frank J. Genova, MD