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CYP and UGT Metabolic Route Development in Childhood

Compiled By Jessica Oesterheld, M.D.

This table is an abridged guide to CYP and UGT metabolic route development in childhood. To appreciate the full benefits of this information, click here to get a free 30-day trial version of GeneMedRx. This metabolism-based drug interaction software predicts response to medication combinations with optional input of genetic variations.

Last Update: May 16, 2008

Metabolic Route



CYP1A2   becomes active after the 4th or 5th month after birth; formula feeding accelerate maturation
CYP2C9   becomes active in first few weeks after birth;50% reach adult values by 5 months;exceeds adult activity from 3-10 years; reaches adult values after puberty
CYP2C19   becomes active in first few weeks after birth; reaches adult values about 10 years
CYP2D6   becomes active first few weeks after birth;reaches adult values by 10 years
CYP2E1   gradually develops over first few months after birth
CYP3A4   appears in first few weeks after birth; may be lower activity from 5-15 years; formula feeding accelerates maturation
CYP3A5 present present in 20% of population
CYP3A7 predominant CYP fades after 2 weeks post natal, then present in 20% population
acetylation   reaches adult levles by 2-4 years
sulfation predominant Phase 2 reaches adult levels by 2-4 years
UGT1A1   immature at birth, responsible for hyperbilirubinemia; reaches adult values 3-6 months after birth
UGT2B7   immature at birth; reaches adult values 3-6 months after birth
UGT1A9   develops only after second year after birth
UGT2B4   develops only after second year after birth
Reference   PubMed PMID:17065585

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