Links – CYP, UGT and Transporter Drug Interactions

Compiled By Jessica Oesterheld, M.D. and David Osser M.D.

Here are some useful links on drug interactions and metabolism. To appreciate the full benefits of this information, click here to get a free 30-day trial version of GeneMedRx. This metabolism-based drug interaction software predicts response to medication combinations with optional input of genetic variations.

Cytochromes (P450)

CYP Allelic Nomenclature committee
David Nelson’s homepage
General Source for links to other CYP Web pages  Kirill N. Degtyarenko’s Directory of P450-containing Systems
CYP Table



Review Article


Human ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter Superfamily (ABC) including Pgps (ABCB1)


Review article

PGPs in AIDS – discussion and interactions table

Human Solute-Linked Carrier Transporter Superfamily (SLC)


FDA Websites

Drug Development and Drug interactions

FDA Medwatch

AIDs drug information and drug interactions

How to get the product information on a drug

Open list of all drug company web sites, then go to product list and hit prescribing information

Or go to google- type in trade name and prescribing information

Qtc-prolonging drugs



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Learning about DDIs: Outstanding Articles

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Clinical Relevance of Drug–Drug and Herb–Drug Interactions Mediated by the ABC Transporter ABCB1 (MDR1, P-glycoprotein)
UGT drug interactions
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