It is almost equivalent to brand Adipex in all aspects. It is just that there are different manufacturers. It is much cheaper to buy generic adipex instead of the brand one, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for the medicine. Moreover it is also very easily available in online pharmacies. Online pharmacies have different quantities and dosages. Someone who is unable to find a prescription can also buy this medication without prescription in many mail order online pharmacies. But it is always safe to be extra cautious while getting a medicine without prescription. You must educate yourself to know completely about this weight loss drug and its ingredients before buying the medication. Also opt for authentic online pharmacies like to steer clear of sub-standard generic adipex.

What is generic adipex?

Adipex is basically a weight loss prescription medication that operates with the mechanism of appetite suppression. It contains an ingredient named phentermine which works on the neurotransmitter chemicals of the brain to reduce the hunger levels of obese individuals. As mentioned before, generic adipex is same as brand adipex hence it contains the same active ingredient phentermine in it and performs with the same efficiency. Generic adipex, in addition to suppressing the hunger also has the following advantages:

  • It increases the energy levels of a person. With increased energy one will not feel weak while performing the daily tasks
  • It boosts the mood levels by increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain
  • It decreases the craving for food so one can easily stick to their diet plan

But the med should be combined with a strict diet plan and exercise regime for the weight loss to be faster. This combination of phentermine, food and exercise also helps to reduce weight in obese people who are affected with diabetes, blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Dosages available for adipex

One can buy the drug in dosage strength of 37.5mg. The oral medication must be consumed in the morning either before breakfast or 2 hours after breakfast. This is of course a general recommendation. Individuals afflicted with any medical ailments will get dose adjustments from a doctor.

Precautions to take note of while using Adipex

It should not be consumed by people who suffer from glaucoma, alcohol abuse, pulmonary hypertension, very high blood pressure, overactive thyroid and heart diseases.

Women are also warned to refrain from taking the generic medication during pregnancy and at the time of breast-feeding the baby.

It should only be taken in the dosage that is specifically prescribed to you and not for someone else. Everyone’s prescription varies depending on the condition of their body. So taking adipex based on other people’s dosage can pose a health threat.

Right ways to take Adipex

  • The weight loss medication can be taken either with food or without food.
  • As the medication brings a boost in the energy levels, it is best if it not taken too close to the bed time. This way you will have a proper sleep. Even if you forget to take your dose in the morning and it is almost close to your sleeping time, it is best to skip the dose.
  • Take phentermine with water and not any other stimulants like coffee or alcohol. The weight loss medication is only designed for short term administration.
  • The body has a tendency to be physically dependent on the medication. Hence it should only be used for the duration that is specified by the doctor.
  • While you are on a course of therapy with this medication, do not stop taking the medication abruptly. This will lead to withdrawal symptoms which at times can be life-threatening.


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