Hair Loss

The growth of hair is found in the outer layer of your skin, which is made up protein substance called Keratin. Hair loss or alopecia is the condition found in men, women, and children in any part of the body. Men baldness and reduce in the density of hair in women is usually found at the age of 45 and above. Losing small amount of hair daily is normal condition found in every individual. The most common forms of hair loss are complete loss found from the scalp and sudden or abnormal dropping due to stress etc.

What are the causes of hair loss?

The main causes for dropping off your hair: Stress found both in men and women, changes in your hormone level, due to heredity, health condition such as chemotherapy treatment and certain problems cause temporary dropping such as pregnancy in women, if you take birth control pills, undergone any treatment such as injuries, surgery or accidents and Lack of proteins and deficiency of vitamins on your body.

How to prevent hair loss?

  • You can stop it through natural remedies and home remedies.
  • Avoid things that stress your mind.
  • Take more protein-rich foods in your regular diet

If the prevention methods failed hair loss can be cured with medication like Propecia, hair replacement, and restoration method. However, the treatment method depends on the individual causes.

Hair Loss Pills

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