Intended Use

Warning and Statement of Appropriate Use of GeneMedRx Decision Support Tool

Your agreement with the following conditions is required in order to use this software:
GeneMedRx is a software tool designed to help licensed medical professionals improve prescribing practices. It is not a substitute for independent professional clinical judgment. Patients who use the software can easily share the information with their doctor or other health care professional by using the save, print and email functions. Under no circumstances should patients alter the timing or dose of any medicines without consulting their physicians. Patients are urged to share with their physician all non-prescription medicines they may be taking.

GeneMedRx personalized reports point out possible changes in patient exposure to drugs based on the specific combination of medicines a patient may be taking and other factors that may interact with these medicines. It is not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, or permutations of what may or may not occur in actual clinical care or treatment. The authors of the program intend the report to be used as a tool to provide decision support, consultation literature access and advisory input to clinical care by medical professionals. It is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease or other health condition.

There are numerous considerations unique to each patient which the physician or other licensed prescribing professional must take into account before deciding what treatment to offer, modify or discontinue. Only the physician is in a position to make a complete assessment of the patient and to judge the relevance of the information provided in the report to the actual clinical situation. Any adverse outcome connected with following or not following the recommendations found in reports generated using this program is the responsibility of the licensed prescribing professional.

GeneMedRX authors and programmers work to ensure that the information used in the program is accurate and up-to-date and that the program operates reliably. However, there is no guarantee that information will be updated on a regular basis or will continue to be updated for an unlimited period of time. There is also no guarantee that all adverse or important outcomes will be reported in the literature and incorporated in the program. For this reason, and because human and other errors and omissions occur, users should exercise their independent professional judgment at all times. Users should always review and consider the latest manufacturer’s package information for all medications their patients are using.